Downs, a 1973 graduate of George Washington University Law School, states, "I attended the school at a time when student advocacy was in its infancy; when Ralph Nader and then former Chief Justice Warren were sometime lecturers; even when one professor successfully got cigarettes removed from television ads. With those experiences ingrained, hard, creative advocacy is second nature to this firm and therefore part of our professional makeup."

Referring to early practice days, Downs jokingly states, "I know what it is to be paid in chickens and beans for legal services. Shortly after school, I practiced in a thirteen county semi-rural area of Georgia. While our firm will still accept the case that tends to defy easy categorization, common sense and good business now dictate that our acceptance of payment be more conventional. That means cash and charge cards. But for the good old days."




  • Sensitivity towards our clients
  • Commitment and dedication
  • Experienced attorneys
  • Attention to detail


We Accomplish

Many times when every usual option to resolve a legal problem has failed, clients engage our services.  Whether an unfair casualty insurance company, a difficult heirs property problem, an insensitive IRS demand, or a real property whose value is under water on a bank loan, WE URGE YOU to call us.  Experience does make a difference.

We Care

The mission of the firm is pretty simple, “No person should suffer tyranny at the hands of anyone. No government should treat any citizen less fairly than any other citizen; and every citizen deserves a vigilant representation.”